Smithson Valley Middle Takes Top Honors in Academic UIL Competition

Tuesday, Aug. 3, 2021 - The competition was fierce in this year’s battle of the middle schools’ academic UIL competition. Comal ISD’s seven middle school campuses competed against one another for the top prizes in 11 academic UIL contests with the first, second and third-place teams announced from a combined total of seventh grade and eighth grade points.

Smithson Valley Middle took first place with Danville Middle in second and Church Hill Middle coming in third.

This year’s Academic UIL results per contest and grade level are listed below.

Art Seventh Grade

  • Daymi Milam, Mountain Valley Middle (MVMS), first place
  • Sophie Zettler, SVMS, second place
  • Serenity Kennedy, MVMS, third place 

Art Eighth Grade

  • Madison Askey, MVMS, first place
  • Elijah Siebel, MVMS, second place
  • Emelia Storey, CHMS, third place

Calculator Seventh Grade

  • Gus Borchelt, SVMS, first place
  • Sierra-Rayne Guy, DMS, second place
  • Brynden Scudday, DMS, third place 

Calculator Eighth Grade

  • Bridget George, SVMS, first place
  • Sydney Koehler, DMS, second place
  • Sam Savett, SVMS, third place 

Chess Seventh Grade

  • Luke Schroeder, SVMS, first place
  • Zander Abolos, MVMS, second place
  • Catcher Visser, MVMS, third place

Chess Eighth Grade

  • Sam Savett, SVMS, first place
  • Aydan Fulton, SVMS, second place
  • Triton Doane, MVMS, third place

Dictionary Seventh Grade

  • Caden Scales, CMS, first place
  • Wyatt Roberts, CHMS, second place
  • June Deramus, SVMS, third place

Dictionary Eighth Grade

  • Isabella Hickey, SVMS, first place
  • Liana Garcia, CHMS, second place
  • Anna Benson, CHMS, third place

Listening Seventh Grade

  • Liam Trainor, SVMS, first place
  • Kaden Dohman, DMS, second place
  • Isabel Templeman, DMS, third place tie
  • Abby Sims, Pieper Ranch Middle (PRMS), third place tie

Listening Eighth Grade

  • Bethany Mann, SVMS, first place
  • Ava Garner, SVMS, second place
  • Mabry Haley, DMS, third place

Math Seventh Grade

  • Will Tomsovic, CHMS, first place
  • Braelyn Snyder, DMS, second place
  • Adam Ruiz, CHMS, third place

Math Eighth Grade

  • Logan Walker, PRMS, first place
  • Evan Morgan, CHMS, second place
  • Joshua Bendele, DMS, third place 

Maps, Graphs & Charts Seventh Grade

  • Catherine Grubbs, PRMS, first place
  • Sarah Guinn, CHMS, second place
  • Brynden Scudday, DMS, third place

Maps, Graphs & Charts Eighth Grade

  • Jorge Perez, DMS, first place
  • Savannah Slegers, MVMS, second place
  • Quinntin James Cummings, DMS, third place

Number Sense Seventh Grade

  • Adam Ruiz, CHMS, first place
  • Katherine MacGregor, DMS, second place
  • William Hickman, SVMS, third place

Number Sense Eighth Grade

  • Jay Mills, DMS, first place
  • Dailyn Morgan, DMS, second place
  • Colton Kadlacek, SBMS, third place

Science Seventh Grade

  • Isabella Villarreal, PRMS, first place
  • Sam Wroblewski, SVMS, second place
  • Madeline Hoseck, PRMS, third place

Science Eighth Grade

  • Mark Mora, CMS, first place tie
  • Caroline Peter, SVMS, first place tie
  • Violet Gould, MVMS, third place 

Social Studies Seventh Grade

  • Celeste Schlechte, DMS, first place
  • Jack Watson, CMS, second place
  • Hannah Daniel, SVMS, third place

Social Studies Eighth Grade

  • Storm Pena, DMS, first place
  • Maycee Moody, SBMS, second place
  • Eli Bliss, DMS, third place

Spelling Seventh Grade

  • Hunter Samples, PRMS, first place
  • Isabel Templeman, DMS, second place
  • Xen Reddell, CHMS, third place

Spelling Eighth Grade

  • Raegan O’Roarke, PRMS, first place
  • Mackenzie Caudill, PRMS, second place
  • Haik Zacharian, PRMS, third place





-Members of the Smithson Valley Middle School UIL Academic team are pictured: back row from left, Sam Wrobleski, Liam Trainor, Connor Healey, Esvin Chavez, Bethany Mann, Lidia Lidner and Bridget George; middle row from left, Weston Packer, Ryder Garcia, Gus Borchelt, Luke Schroeder, Emilie Ramirez, Annabelle Owers, Caroline Peter and Ella Winkler; and front row from left, Nickolas Ciaravino, Noah Lacewell, Cressence Johnston, Brene Dunn, Hannah Daniel, Kiera Hernandez, Kyree Abad and Ava Garner. 

-Members of the Danville Middle School Math Academic UIL team are pictured, back row from left, Caitlyn Mallard, Dailyn Morgan, Jay Mills, Ben Rodriguez and Milton Amaya; front row from left, Katie McGregor, Natalie Dritcha, Jose Perez, Sydney Koehler, Braelyn Snyder and Abigail Reddick.

-Members of the Church Hill Middle eighth-grade UIL Academic team pictured from left include Liana Garcia, Joey Demelli, David Dunn, Evan Morgan, Emelia Storey, Isabella Rodriguez and Kylie Weathersby. Coach Anna Hudson is pictured in front. 

-Members of the Church Hill Middle seventh-grade UIL Academic team include back row from left, Riley Henneke, Kyndal Leasman, Gabriella Goossens, Wyatt Roberts and Alex Ivannikov; middle row, Russell Flournoy, Xen Reddell, Will Tomsovic and Vander Hartzell; and bottom row, Sarah Guinn, Adam Ruiz, Walker Wilson and Coach Anna Hudson.



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